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Bowhunting and Fitness was started because of a deep passion for both hunting and fitness.  It seems that the majority of today's hunters are not just hunters any more, but rather athletes.  They walking through feet of snow, steep terrain, thick brush, drag & carry their harvest out, and much more for miles and miles.  These type of hunters need to be conditioned and due to that fact, Bowhunting & Fitness was born.  


Ryan was exposed to bow hunting at 4 years of age; his father would take him to Wisconsin's north woods to scout for deer sign and stand placement and explain his logic behind his selections based on wind, terrain, food sources, bedding areas, etc. to Ryan.  Then they would set up the stands and/or blinds and clear away shooting lanes as needed.  His dad would let Ryan sit in the stand with him before he was able to hunt, but as soon as Ryan was of legal age to hunt, he was sitting 15 feet in a tree.

Ryan's family  did not own their own land and had to hunt public land, which tended to be heavily pressured.  Even though the hunt did not always end up in a successful harvest,  Ryan is grateful for this “tough” hunting as it instilled the appreciation of the sport and the effort it takes to be successful

Ryan now stays in shape by working out in the gym and actively participating in various sports.  He competes in the NPC in the Men's Physique and Classic Physique classes.  He is always looking to improve  and educate himself in every aspect of his life from hunting to fitness & nutrition, and any other facet in his life.


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